As a couple, you can work through your communication difficulties, but both parties have to be ready to do so. Communication is the key to maintaining a good relationship and when that breaks down, it can cause tumultuous problems. When communication goes bad in a relationship, it has to be resolved to move forward and to have a healthy union. The first thing to figure out is what is causing the communication breakdown. Each partner also needs to be clear about confronting the issue to find real answers. If not, then there won’t be any resolution. It is not enough to say you love each other, but instead, look for the qualities admired in each other. This should give you a desire to fix the relationship with counselling. This is where marital therapy comes in.

In A Relationship
When you are in a relationship, it is a given that you will often have squabbles, different opinions and disagreements. Nothing is wrong with that. However, when it goes to another level where you are blaming each other or not coming to a mutual understanding and respect for each other, it might mean that there are communication problems in the relationship. In counselling, the therapist goes to length to change this ‘dance’ or patterns of communication by using the information gleaned to form a discussion in a mediated session. The therapist helps the couple to speak to each other using effective communication skills by expressing to each other how they think and feel. The couple is also guided into learning how to listen to each other without interruption or interjection. Let us look at some of the strategies used for London couples therapist is able to counsel.
Improving Communication Strategies
The couple should consider creating specific rules, guidelines and boundaries for the relationship or marriage. If, as a couple, you are not sure where to begin, then it is best that you solicit couple therapy London has to offer. You would be surprised what an eye opening this could be in improving your communication and subsequently your relationship. It does help to have a conversation with each other with a third party, especially, if you are not getting along or cannot get your point across. However, before getting into a discussion, the therapist will guide you into pinpointing your emotional triggers during a conversation with your partner. For example, you might want to discuss something delicate with your partner. You know it might cause an argument, if you don’t have the right approach, and so you could ask your partner if this was a good time for you to talk. If your partner indicates that it is not the right time, it would be wise to ask when would be the best time. In so doing, you avoid the argument, if the person is not in the ideal emotional mood.
Avoid Aggressive Communication
Other ways to avoid overly aggressive communication is to get rid of assumptions and ask questions when you are not sure. You can never know what someone is thinking, if you don’t ask. Take specific trigger words out of your vocabulary during a heated conversation. Divorce should not be mentioned in such a case and yet some couples use this as a weapon. Ask or give an apology, if that will resolve your differences or if you have crossed the line by saying things you don’t really mean. It is important to manage your emotions. If this is not possible, then you should go for a walk until you have calmed down.
If you want other tips or help with your communication problems in the relationship, you should consider couples counselling London offers to people like yourself. couple therapy london